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nhlstanding.com, Vancouver Canucks NHL Design Face Masks , Fanatics Sports Apparel Face Masks

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The teams came out with good energy at the start of a tight-checking opening period that featured very few quality scoring chances.Tampa Bay Lightning NHL Design Face Masks


Usually, the NHL trade deadline is the source of quite a bit of action. This year, though, will likely be different. Teams don’t have as much cap space as they usually do thanks to the flat salary cap. The quarantine rules could make trades between Canadian teams and American teams tricky, if not next to impossible.Dallas Stars NHL Design Face Masks

He’s been serving as the third line center recently, as well as getting some power play opportunities.

Fanatics Sports Apparel Face Masks

The comment came Tuesday night in a 2-0 Predators victory over the Detroit Red Wings. During the TV broadcast, a then-unidentified official was heard saying he wanted to call a penalty against Nashville.Vancouver Canucks NHL Design Face Masks


Looking for strong emotions in regular season NBA games can be a challenge during a normal year, but during the pandemic, it has gotten even tougher. While players usually signal and respond to the crowd after hitting 3-point shots, without fans the emotions can be more muted. Here Kemba Walker of the Boston Celtics flashes his smile that could be seen across the arena. Kemba is a standup leader on the team and his enthusiastic support of his teammates always translates well in photos.Florida Panthers NHL Design Face Masks

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Cam Talbot defended 28 of 30 shots for a second straight win. He has eight victories in 15 starts this season.

On the surface, the NHL had no choice but to take swift and dramatic action. Peel created the impression that he exercises discretion to call penalties that maybe shouldn’t be penalties. In an age of legalized wagering, the idea that any official is doing anything other than calling or not calling fouls by the book undermines the broader integrity of the sport — and invites external legislative, regulatory, or judicial scrutiny.

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