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by Bojakem
11/06/2020, 7:39
Forum: Suggestions & Ideas
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This is just an idea: Its called Power Hour, when the shard has a pick of Players online, or whatever reason you as the GM would have. Send a random Reward our way for enjoying the Shard and being a honored player here. Reward ideas could be Crystals, Gold, a Random Weapon or Piece of gear.. Again y...
by Bojakem
05/06/2020, 12:09
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Way of the Warrior
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Way of the Warrior

This thread is for the Warrior Class. Where Order & Chaos can come together and post anything about our amazing Class!
In-game we maybe at War, but here this is Hollowed ground we are still Brothers & Sisters of the SWORD!
by Bojakem
04/06/2020, 16:17
Forum: PvP & PvM
Topic: Shard Census
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Shard Census

This thread is for curiosity purposes only: Class: Alignment: Game style:

Bojakem, Warrior, Order, PvP/PvM
by Bojakem
04/06/2020, 15:51
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Welcome to Everyone
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Re: Welcome to Everyone

Thanks for the welcome, and the Shard is Great so far can't wait for future updates, I know I found my New home Shard! :!:
by Bojakem
03/06/2020, 9:49
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hi to all
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Re: Hi to all

Hey everyone Dwayne here.., Like Tony I came looking for a new Shard. My Toon is Bojakem feel free to say Hi in game. 8-)