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Chaos and Order System

  • Guarded safe zone for Chaos and Order
  • PvP Arena 1 Vs 1
  • PvP Events
  • Battle Island
  • Capture the Flag

New Level System

  • Newbie Island safe zone
  • Fast Skill Gain
  • You gain experience by killing monster or crafting items
  • Get your level up to 12th Level

New Skill System

  • No Skill Cap
  • Fast Skill Gain
  • No need to macro you are ready to play
  • Raise your Skill to 100.0% then get your skill up to 200.0% by Crystal of Experience or specific Crystal

Epic drops

  • New drop system, the item get the color based on our rarity:
  • Common: Gray
  • Uncommon: Green
  • Rare: Blue
  • Epic: Violet
  • Leggendary: Orange

Safe zone

  • Britain Marketplace and Minoc Marketplace are safe for all

And much more…

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